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System Partners

MMS is a dynamic and innovative company who constantly looks for the most efficient and effective processes to deliver services and also exceed client expectations.  The systems we use are proven in our industry and add great value with online and real time audits, workforce training and contract scheduling.

Safety Culture

MMS Group Pty Ltd uses iAuditor to conduct all safety, quality and a workplace audits.

SafetyCulture is a safety company founded in Townsville in 2004. In 2011, CEO Luke Anear noticed the penetration of the smartphone in everyday life. From that point on we started testing and developing solutions for safety in the workplace, based around a smartphone app platform. The result is iAuditor, the most used safety audit app in the world.

Traditionally, safety software has been developed for the employer, and then it is a battle to get worker engagement. We have developed software that provides an excellent user experience for the worker first, and then provide the reporting and analytics around that experience. This is what has driven the widespread adoption of our software.

Our goal is for everyone to have access to the best mobile safety management systems. We’re working around the clock to help workers return safely to their families.

QHSE Skytrust

MMS Group uses QHSE Skytrust software to conduct all inductions and training for staff and will implement across our sub-contractor base. In addition, Skytrust is used to conduct all safety, quality and workplace audits across the business.

Skytrust is a cloud based integrated management system providing a holistic integrated management approach to your organisation’s compliance and due diligence across all aspects of business. The user-friendly tools assist with risk management, safety, quality, environment, inductions, assets and plant management. Skytrust delivers a real time dashboard providing trending performance indicators promoting important business decisions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Skytrust Logo
Netcorp GPS Logo

Netcorp GPS

MMS Group utilises Netcorp GPS as our vehicle tracking tool across Australia and New Zealand. This system has many benefits for both MMS, and our interfaces and interactions with our valued Clients.

Using the latest in GPS tracking technology, Netcorp has the most advanced mapping technology in the world. It will remain as current as satellite mapping technology and will never require updating. More features are released on a regular basis. Current features are: Live Vehicle Tracking; Individual tracker Configurations; Driver behaviour Monitoring; GPS Geo-fencing Technology; Virtual Odometer and KM Alerts; Detailed Customisable Reporting.


MMS Group use SimPRO, a cloud-based job management software which has been tailored to our company’s operations for the management of complex projects and maintenance jobs.

Extensive features of simPRO, such as estimating, maintenance, and project management, guide MMS Group to provide our Clients with exceptional service and maximum efficiency and profitability. The simPRO application provides excellent communication and adds value through: providing greater transparency; real-time client viewing and reporting; reduced risk; higher efficiency; and photo transfer. The implementation and use of simPRO assists MMS in three primary fields: Inventory Management, Asset Management and Workflow Management.

SimPRO Logo


MMS Group are registered with ISNetworld for some of our New Zealand based Clients.

ISNetworld is an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that help manage risk and strengthen relationships. It helps reduce unnecessary duplication associated with traditional qualification processes.

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