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Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability Objectives

We are committed to minimising ecological footprint our operations potentially have on the environment. We aim to be an industry leader in the areas of business performance, sustainable development, social responsibility, community involvement and responsible environmental processes. Our sustainability objectives include:

    • Enhancing business performance by integrating economic, environmental, and social considerations
    • Ensuring all workers, including contractors, exercise their responsibilities and accountable for environmental stewardship
    • Promoting a culture throughout MMS that has a strong focus on our individual and business responsibilities to protecting and preserving the environment

MMS will constantly endeavour to achieve these objectives through the following practices:

    • Minimising any potential adverse environmental impact from operations through the maintenance of an EMS and ethical and responsible work practices
    • Setting and reviewing goals and targets that are sustainable in the longer term, which are based on the environmental impacts of our company’s activities, products, and services
    • Continually improving efficiency of our operations to ensure eco efficient practices and the use of innovative new technologies which benefit the environment and are sustainable
    • Set, achieve, and audit goals which comply with all relevant legislation and other adopted requirements
    • Maintain open and transparent consultation with our workers, our customers, and the communities in which we work around sustainable practices
    • Promoting individual ownership and commitment to environmental stewardship among our workers by providing environmental awareness training
    • Explore opportunities for innovations and technology development which support sustainable business practices

A Green Business

MMS understands and acknowledges our environmental responsibilities regarding operations involving mobile crews and sites. We specifically target reducing GHG’s that may be created through the implementation of our environmental strategies each year. In addition to the practices outlined above, the following initiatives have been implemented and are documented as part of our daily risk assessments:

  • Regular servicing of all vehicles, plant, and equipment
  • Ensuring vehicle tyres are at the correct pressures and fuel tanks are not overfilled
  • Regular checking for ‘smoky exhausts’ on all vehicles
  • Regular driving training refresher to ensure a reduction in revving and excessive braking
  • Monitoring loads and weight in all vehicles
  • Ensuring work crews meet at rendezvous points and travel in one vehicle where possible

A Smart Business

MMS establishes partnerships to develop and implement sustainable and environmentally friendly programs across MMS. For example, we have partnered with EcoBiz Queensland to further support our goal in being a leader in environmental and social sustainability. Together we commit to the principles of environmental innovation, ensuring new products and processes provide customer and business value, and which significantly decrease environmental impact.

Additionally, MMS make every effort to incorporate sustainable business practices into our daily activities at each branch. We adopt the following “Smart Business” solutions across the company which are built into our daily practices:

    • Ensuring all electronics are switched off at night, including computer screens
    • Using electronic systems on phones and tablets for auditing and training to eliminate paper use
    • Reducing printing to “absolutely necessary”
    • Recycling of paper
    • Recycling of printer cartridges, mobile phones, and other electronics devices
    • Internal intranet to reduce printing of management system documents and policies etc.

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