MMS | Sand Blasting
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Sand Blasting

As part of specialist coating services, MMS Group has undertaken a number of projects that required sand or abrasive blasting. This work involves the use of particulate matter or media propelled at high speed on to an object to remove exterior coatings or impurities.

MMS Group has over 20 years’ experience in carrying out abrasive blasting work on buildings, bridges, gantries and associated steel structures.

Our plant and equipment meets all industry benchmarks and is regularly serviced and maintained as part of our in-house maintenance programme.

All abrasive blasting work complies with ISO standards and relevant codes of practices – including the Abrasive Blasting Code of Practice 2004 – with all work being managed as part of our HSEQ ISO accredited management systems. Our environmental management systems are compliant with ISO 14001: 2004.


Sand – Garnet – Shot – Glass beads – Walnut shells

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