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Quality Policy

MMS Group is committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, innovative solutions, and exceptional value to meet their individual needs. Drawing on our 30+ years of experience, we have developed methodologies that allow us to offer high-quality, cost-effective working practices which are both safe and efficient.

MMS will constantly endeavour to achieve our quality objectives through the following practices:

    • Identifying and managing the risks to our business
    • Identifying and meeting the needs of our customers
    • Satisfying all applicable requirements and complying with relevant laws and regulations
    • Fostering good relationships with workers and customers by effective and transparent communication
    • Implementing and continually improving our Quality Management System
    • Continual improvement of our systems and processes to meet customer requirements
    • On-going staff training and development

Our Approach to Quality

Sustaining Exceptional Results

We are committed to achieving and sustaining exceptional results that ensure the short and long term needs of our customers are met

Innovation and R&D

We are committed to harnessing creativity and innovation to ensure we are market leaders using our R&D Team who consistently scout exciting opportunities and improvements globally

Continual Improvement

We are committed to generating a culture of continual improvement and ensuring sustainability across the business including improving our systems and processes to meet customer requirements

Adding Value for Customers

We are committed to identifying and adding value for our customers where possible. MMS understand, anticipate, and fulfil the needs and expectations of opportunities that arise

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