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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning

Our teams of trained commercial and industrial cleaning staff across New Zealand and Australia take pride and ownership of their work, going above and beyond client expectations in pursuit of quality cleaning outputs

MMS undertakes commercial and industrial cleaning services across several industry sectors including transport (rail, buses and ferry stations), public facilities, amenities and commercial/government offices. MMS also specialises in high-risk and at-height cleaning such as interior and exterior window cleaning.

MMS uses only the best cleaning products that get the job done effectively and safely, and to the standard expected by MMS, creating a clean and safe environment for our customers, their staff and the wider community.

MMS is committed to using cleaning products which are non-toxic to humans and that are environmentally safe wherever possible.

Our management team is hands-on and understand that each customer is unique as are their cleaning requirements. Our solutions reflect this and are tailored to meet the needs of customers. Our staff go above and beyond, they are always aiming to exceed customer’s expectations.

Cross training our cleaning staff s in other services that MMS provides is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies this ensures a higher degree of flexibility in service delivery. Staff have a unique insight and a critical eye in identifying areas which need improvement and can act quickly by leveraging our turnkey services to offer the client a responsive and best-in-class cleaning solutions.

In 1991 MMS was founded based on the delivery of high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning to government departments. This has historically been the core of the business from which MMS have expanded, now offering other specialised services to a similar high quality which is what we have become known for.

Our cleaning staff are trained and audited to ensure that standards are met or exceeded giving customers peace of mind. Our tailored cleaning solutions are focused on achieving a level of cleanliness that goes beyond what is visible using highly effective and ‘safe’ chemicals that have been approved for use in hospitals, and which have a much higher level of testing than the standard EPA tests. Combined with our methodologies around cleaning practices and health and safety we have managed to establish ourselves as a market leader

MMS is environmentally conscious, and we understand that cleaning can create waste. Our many years of experience in this field have guided us to implement innovative solutions from using biodegradable products, to using recycled water and ensuring products come with packaging that is recyclable which helps to minimise our carbon footprint.

Using some of the industry’s most innovative and high-tech equipment MMS provides polishing and scrubbing of various substrates to a variety of clients across New Zealand and Australia. Our staff have many years of experience and are highly knowledgeable on the types of treatments and each substrate’s merits. The treatment frequencies are dependent on the substrate type and foot traffic. MMS also provides non-slip treatments to all surface types to ensure health and safety requirements are met and risk to public is minimised.

Substrate types:

  • Polished concrete
  • Vinyl (polished and non-polished)
  • Timber or Wood surfaces
  • Tiled flooring
  • Brick flooring

Our dedicated cleaning team provides high-pressure cleaning and water blasting services across several commercial and industrial sectors. Using the latest equipment available on the market cleaning standards are maintained at the highest possible level while maintaining cost-effectiveness for customers. Our experienced staff are skilled to work on various environments and facility cleaning contracts.

These include:

  • Train stations (all surfaces)
  • Parks
  • Walkways and Footpaths
  • Bus Stations and Shelters
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Boat Ramps and Pontoons
  • Building Washdowns
  • Carparks

MMS work with various chemical types to ensure all environmental and regulatory requirements are met or exceeded particularly around sensitive environments like ferry terminals.

MMS provides several track and boundary cleaning activities to rail operators across New Zealand and Australia. Strict health and safety regulations are standard across rail operators and MMS train staff accordingly to ensure all services are provided to the highest standards while conforming to regulations, requirements and safety.

Types of Track and Boundary cleaning:

  • Litter picking and rubbish collection
  • Waterblasting of copings
  • Removal of valuable items from rail corridors
  • Sharps and other hazardous waste removal

Where specialist cleaning is required MMS provides innovative solutions to our clients.
Our highly trained and certified staff perform cleaning of high-risk environments including working at heights, rail corridors and high traffic areas.

Our staff complete rigorous training to ensure all work is performed safely and in conformance to the various statutory regulations and requirements.

Types of High-Risk Cleaning

  • Lift Shaft Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Columns and Beams
  • Stairwells
  • Bridges / Over bridges
  • Track and Boundary Cleaning
  • Exterior Building Cleaning

Cleaning windows to perfection is not as simple as it sounds. Our team of experienced window cleaners know precisely what chemicals to use on various window surfaces to ensure a sparkling streak-free window every time.

Using the incorrect chemicals on windows may cause tinted or etched window surfaces to stain and fade which is why our window cleaners are trained to understand the surface types and the appropriate treatments for each window.

Our service includes:

  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of frames and ledges
  • Windows track cleaning
  • Water stain removal
  • Window high cleaning using cherry picker or scaffolding

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