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Horticulture & Vegetation Management

Horticulture & Vegetation Management

MMS Group are an experienced provider of open spaces maintenance services in Australia & New Zealand. Our expertise covers services such as slashing, mowing, reach mowing, gardening, weed control and turf management. Our company-wide teams are experienced staff across all these services, we are the maintenance service provider for local government authorities in Australia and New Zealand including maintaining the horticulture, gardens, shrubs and lawns for Auckland Transport & Greater Wellington Rail networks and The Department & Main Roads Busway network in South East Queensland

Our industry knowledge and our citywide teams and resources we can call on provides us local and seasonal knowledge in providing efficient service delivery to our customers.

We have undertaken horticulture works for government departments including Auckland Transport, Department Transport & Main Roads (DTMR), RoadTek, Queensland Rail, Department of Planning Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) and Greater Wellington Rail Limited (GWRL) and various companies managing their facilities, track & roading corridors, highways and roading.

MMS Group can professionally provide mowing and slashing services for all your road & rail networks and facilities. We specialise in the maintenance services of roading & rail corridors, parks and public open spaces. This is high-risk work which involves careful management of the safety of the public and that of the environment.

We employ team members who hold relevant traffic control licenses and for our rail customers, we have in-house Protection Officers in New Zealand, Queensland and in South Australia in order to be able to manage all aspects of the scope of works for timely access to the works.

We treat and maintain grass and high vegetation areas to manageable levels. We are currently providing this service on verges, roadways, medians, walks ways and areas that are dense with trees.

MMS Group provide specialist reach mowing (boom mowing) along with our slashing services. Reach mowing is a flexible, hydraulic arm that allows mowing both vertically and horizontally.

We can treat vegetation over drainage or water channels, vertical, sloping batters or banks, guard rails and rocky terrain. We can also reach high into trees and selectively eliminate tree branches, prune hedges and trim areas inaccessible to a conventional tractor and slasher.

We have a range of reach mowers to suit your needs from slashing heads to Mulching heads. We offer innovative solutions, options, techniques and methodologies for the management of vegetation growing on steep slopes and areas which are hard to access with conventional tools and equipment

In carrying out these services MMS prevents any harm, damage or nuisance to the natural environment including waterways, wildlife habitat areas and native vegetation. These services are highly effective in maintaining the sighting distances and mitigating fire risks while encouraging the growth and spread of native low growing grasses.


MMS Groups trained technicians will assess your lawns and gardens for pests and diseases to develop and implement a garden maintenance program to eradicate them.

Our technicians have the knowledge, creativity, innovative problem-solving and proactive approach to meeting your property’s needs which an assessment of all trees and shrubs will be given for pruning, feeding and crop development where necessary and programmed for the correct time of year to maximise the benefit.

Lawn mowing & edging will be treated while looking for weed and clover infestations and creating a plan for their eradication. Through aeration, top dressing, over sowing and feeding we can bring your lawns up to the best it can possibly be.

All our technicians maintain high safety standards as we have created an exceptional safety and technical training program that transforms inexperienced workers to skilled technicians. This commences with new employees gaining both classroom and hands on training while closely supervised onsite working under our site managers. They are taught safety, quality control, equipment repair and customer service.


Pruning is an essential activity which ensures the longevity and health of the plant. We take care of shaping your plants and hedges by identifying and recommend the frequency of this service to improve the wellbeing of your garden beds.

In addition to highly experienced and qualified staff, we have state of the art equipment for our hedging and pruning treatments to effectively and efficiently perform the works. This also means that you are getting a service that is both efficient and conservatively priced.


Edge trimming is an important part of the presentation and finished result of maintaining lawns. Trimming the grass along all fence lines, around trees, posts, furniture, under barriers, hoardings, up to bush lines and decorative flower beds. This is completed is such way to leave a uniform finish.

MMS Group have trained technicians who provide on-ground services aimed at re-establishing, enhancing and protecting native vegetation in both natural and built environments.

Our teams of experienced staff are committed to delivering high quality projects and exemplary customer service. For optimum efficiency we maintain a range of general and specialised equipment and also sub-contract specialist services when required.

Our equipment range includes backpack sprayers, trailer and ute-mounted quick-spray units and boom sprays as well as hand-tools that are used for woody weed control using methods such as drill and fill or ringbarking. We also have a range of heavy equipment for large-scale weed control jobs including a tractor with slasher and spray unit implements.

MMS Group provide several treatments to assist with weed control projects by providing the following services:

  • Weed control, management and eradication, including – Herbaceous weeds such as broad leaf plants, clover and paspalum – Woody weeds such as olives, wattle, boxthorn and pine trees
  • Removal of vegetation (clearing, chipping and removal)
  • Weed mapping
  • Weed research
  • Weed Management Plans

We provide weed control and management services to a broad range of customers which our employees take pride in their weed control work and company policies always ensure attention to OHS&W and environmental performance including minimising off-target damage, effective processes (to minimise chemical use and need for recurring treatments) and selection of the most appropriate chemicals. All spraying is undertaken by a certified HNSO handler of Agri-chemicals.

Our experienced horticultural team provide mowing services including but not limited to maintenance of medians, verges, interchanges, commercial, park and open spaces. Our range of specialised equipment allows us to deliver all your service requirements.

We have an assortment of slasher sizes to complete any task, from push and self-propelled mowers through to 6 ft front decks, slashers to seppi mulch mowers with the ability to mow in confined spaces, and increased performance in trimming applications.

Zero Turn Mowers provide better manoeuvrability which can help increase efficiency. With the ability to go from forward to reverse in no time allowing us to turn around in small tighter areas around trees and playground equipment, with our zero turn mowers having a lower center of gravity, we are able to mow at higher speeds safely, making this the ideal for parks, roadside berms and open spaces. Our teams manage their work efficiency with careful alignment to seasonal fluctuations and growing conditions

An integrated, closely monitored flow of activities ensures value for money for all our customers. We have the machinery and technical resources to undertake the largest broad acre mowing and slashing programs while delivering quality vegetation management solutions that are cost-competitive

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