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Health & Safety

Health and Safety at MMS

Health, Safety & Security Policy

MMS Group is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and secure work environment for all people within the workplace, directly or indirectly related to the delivery of our facilities maintenance services. We are committed to the establishment of a culture that accepts Zero Harm as the norm.

MMS will constantly endeavour to achieve our health, safety, and security objectives through the following practices:

    • Complying with all statutory obligations, following industry best practice standards at all times where possible
    • Measuring performance through health, safety & security planning, monitoring, and reporting, and learning from all incidents and near-misses
    • Implementing risk management systems to identify and mitigate all workplace hazards and risk
    • Maintain ongoing accreditation to AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 standards
    • Providing information, instruction, training, and supervision to assist workers to achieve safe & secure work practices
    • Proactively consulting and engaging our workers and ensuring transparency on HSEQ matters
    • Developing and implementing ways to effectively manage our worker’s fitness to work

Life Savers Rules

Our Health and Safety Life Savers are specific rules that are pivotal in upholding the integrity of MMS’ Management Systems and Processes. These rules are communicated to and understood by all workers to ensure compliance with health and safety objectives.

  1. No personal shall direct anyone to break a Life Savers rule
  2. Ensure you have a SWMS/JSEA for your service task which you adhere to at all times
  3. Only undertake tasks and use equipment in the way designed and for which you are trained, competent and authorised
  4. Only start work once your Risk Assessment (PRA) is complete and all controls are in place
  5. ‘STOP work and TAKE 5’ whenever conditions change or if something does not seem right
  6. Report all identified non-conformance, incident & hazard (NCIH) to managers immediately
  7. ‘Always Ask’ when you are not sure. Asking the question is smart, not asking is dangerous!

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