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How do I apply for a job?

Once you have identified a specific vacancy, please submit your application by emailing You will need to provide contact details including an email address, and a resume with your application.

What happens after I apply?

Once you apply, you will receive an acknowledgment email.  This will only be generated by our recruitment system once you successfully lodge an application.

Your application will be reviewed by one of our experienced recruiters.  Our goal is to get back to you no later than two weeks after the closing date of a position.

Should your application not be successful, you will be notified to that effect by e-mail.  As you are already registered in our database, your details will be retained on file and we invite you to apply for any future roles which may be of interest to you and which match your skills set.

What areas do you service?

MMS group predominately services public transport infrastructure, in particular rail networks and attached facilities. We have branch offices located throughout both Australia and New Zealand.

Do you give advice on services?

We frequently add service information and tips to our Facebook page. Please feel free to follow us for some helpful inside tips.

How do you guarantee quality?

MMS Group is a fully compliant Quality Assured company. We have detailed internal and external systems to routinely monitor our quality and compliance.

Do you offer customer support?

Our contract managers are employed to work closely both with our clients and the community. We have 24 hour contacts for all of our contracts and are always happy to assist in any matter we can.

How do I get a thanks message to your employees managers?

We love to hear feedback from our customers and the community. Please feel free to share your comments either via our Facebook page or by emailing your nearest branch office. Our friendly admin team will be sure to pass your complements to the relevant department manager.

How do I report Graffiti I see on public transport?

Graffiti is generally reported to the transport provider, many of which have special apps for the public to make it easy to report. If however you do see graffiti and one of our MMS team members is nearby please feel free to tell them and they will report through our internal system.

Contact your nearest MMS office…