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Corporate Social Responsibility

MMS is committed to delivering social value through lending our support, our skills, and expertise to community groups and Not for Profit organisations to ‘give back’ to the communities within which we operate. We provide resources, knowledge, training, work experience, and mentoring to people who are disadvantaged. MMS offers a range of resources supporting NFP social enterprises that improve opportunities for disadvantaged people by:

    • Making a big difference in their communities
    • Providing job seeking assistance
    • Identifying employment pathways
    • Upskilling or training people in basic work skills
    • Removing barriers including language, culture, and low self-esteem

MMS commits to resource selected community based NFPs and social enterprises (including ADEs) who have a business model that delivers demonstrated social value. We engage in industry-community partnerships to resource effective programs to develop individual skills and knowledge within the sectors and industries within which we operate. MMS prides itself in excellence and quality and we are committed to participate in the development of tomorrow’s workforce.

Being a Good Neighbour

MMS executes the strategic objectives and principles of our CSR policy by partnering with corporates within the communities where we operate. We endeavour to be a good corporate neighbour. MMS recognises the importance of including social, cultural, and economic elements in our operations.

We closely cooperate with local Governments and other organisations to analyse the wants and needs of local communities and support them financially and organisationally. As a result, MMS creates lasting, honest, and equal relationships with our corporate neighbours.

Supporting Local Business

We endeavour to use products made locally, and quote works on this basis

MMS work with suppliers to help ensure that only locally made products are being used on their sites

We support local suppliers and services

Growing our business so that we may continue to support and provide employment for hard working Australian and New Zealand workers

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