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Commercial & Industrial Coating

Commercial & Industrial Coating

The scope of our commercial and industrial painting, preparation and protective coatings ranges from railway stations/platforms, bridges, super steel structures, highrise buildings and warehouses.

With more than 30 years of experience in commercial/industrial painting, waterblasting, abrasive blasting, throughout Australia and New Zealand, we have seen and handled just about any industrial painting maintenance situation. Our staff have decades of expertise in painting and protective coatings and in meeting safety and industry regulations.

We have an impeccable track record from our customers for the services we have provided. MMS Group have the resources to undertake commercial and industrial coating works in the transport, construction, government department and council sectors.

You can’t beat the look of clean concrete, the sparkle of steel, the brightness of fresh paint, the overall beauty of new construction is always a joy to behold. Eventually, however, that original luster fades, and the dirt and mildew that collects over time and general weathering can lead to permanent staining corrosion and deterioration of the asset over time and subsequently a reduction in its value.

At MMS Group, we know that nothing cleans quite like water, especially when it’s blasted from our specialised water jetting equipment which is built in-house. We offer pressures ranging from 1500 to 10,000psi in cold and hot water. We can eliminate mould, road film, dirt, grease, oil and grime from facades, roofs, concrete structures and footpaths, structural steel, pipelines and storage tanks quickly and efficiently with our high-pressure water jetting services.

Water jetting is not just a cleaning service. Our equipment has the power to strip away old paint and finishes from nearly any material. In doing so, we are preparing that surface for its next phase, whether it’s cosmetic renovation, preparing for repainting or waterproofing.

MMS also provide steam cleaning which differs from pressure washing in that the pressurised water is heated to a high temperature using either a steam cleaner or truck-mounted boiler with our 3000psi water blaster. This heated water is a more effective method of heavy cleaning such as chewing gum, grease, oil stains or anything that a pressure washer alone with cold water cannot remove, which if left can cause permanent damage to surfaces.

Additionally, because it’s MMS Group you’re dealing with, you can be assured that all of the latest safety measures, guidelines and regulations are being followed by our employees for the disposal of detergents and debris once the job is completed. Our workers pride themselves on always leaving things cleaner than we found them.

If you’re considering a large exterior renovation project or just want to polish up the look of your business, make getting in contact with MMS Group a top priority. We’ll help you get your bridge, building, pipelines, or other structures looking as good as new.

VorTech Cleaning System

We use the VorTech Cleaning System which is a  system which creates a gentle swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pressure, a little water (approximately 25L water consumption per hour) and a safe inert fine aggregate such as calcium carbonate, which is non-toxic and is not considered hazardous to the environment

The VorTech head has many separate sections which results in an efficient and gentle swirling vortex and by using interchangeable nozzles. This system can be used on very large areas or more intricate, finer details of brick or stonework surfaces.

It gently removes paints, dirt, carbon, bitumen, lime scale, graffiti and biological matter, from any building fabric such as brick, stone, wood, concrete etc., without damaging the substrate of the surface. It can also be used to remove oxidation and sulphates from metals such as bronze, brass and copper.

The VorTech system, used by our trained technicians, with such fine aggregate, is preferred by the heritage organisations, on older or listed buildings, as will not damage the surface – unlike the conventual old sand blasting systems of the past. We have used the VorTech system on many of our projects including Circular Quay railway station refurbishment, North Strathfield, Roseville & Chatswood railway stations refurbishment in Australia, historic churches, colleges etc as it excellent for cleaning the ornate detailing

Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping can be used to remove thicker or multiple layers of paints without causing damage to the substrate or creating salts. It is usually applied and left to process for a period of time between 2-24 hours, we then use our VorTech Cleaning Systems to remove the old paint and thoroughly clean the surfaces.

Poultice systems can also be used to remove multiple layers of paint and ideal for loosening emulsion, shellac, epoxy resins, acrylic, glazes, tar oil, sealers, lead based and other household paints from building facades, sandstone, limestone, metal surfaces like aluminium, brass, steel etc plus concrete, masonry, fireplaces, glass and wood. Using a poultice means paint can be removed from the most intricate areas and detailed structures and also it ensures that lead particles in old lead-based paints will not be released into the environment but absorbed into the paste and then safely disposed of.

MMS Group has experienced staff able to select several methods of surface preparation and blasting. A well prepared surface is a crucial step in an overall painting process, so our crews make sure to be current on certifications and best practices for a wide range of techniques. Slurry Blasting also known as “wet abrasive blasting” is one of several methods in which our staff are specialists.

Slurry blasting is simply, the process of mixing an abrasive with pressurised fresh water from our waterblasters for the purpose of cleaning a surface. It’s a good option for situations where there is a need for dust to be contained or eliminated, or if there is a worry that other blasting processes will damage the surface being prepared.

Dust suppression is especially important in areas where dust could pollute streams, plant or equipment or the surrounding environments. For this reason, slurry blasting is often selected in projects near waterways or enclosed spaces where dust could be harmful to crews, and in marine settings where there is an increased emphasis on not disturbing the surrounding environment.

If you think slurry blasting might be the best option for your project, we can discuss your requirements and our capabilities to meet your needs. We can discuss your site-specific needs and find the best solution along with alternative methods of surface preparation for your projects.

We provide professional painting services for all industries and sectors. Our wide network of skills and equipment can deliver tailored painting solutions and ongoing preventative cleaning and maintenance for your property.

We specialise in medium to large-scale commercial and industrial painting applications. We are continually improving ourselves to remain a leader in delivering commercial and industrial coating and painting applications.

All our employees are highly skilled and experienced with training and certifications necessary to ensure quality work is produced on-time, every time and within budget.

Whether a new construction application, a renovation project, or a concrete repair the proper application of a resinous floor finish is critical for the final appearance and long-term durability of the surface. The most important factor for ensuring the adhesion of an epoxy resinous coating is proper surface preparation. The correct preparation techniques require specialised equipment and processes such as shot blasting, scarifying and diamond grinding.

Our specialty floor coatings  offer an exceptional end product, at a very competitive price.

A wide range of colors, textures and finishes makes high performance flooring the right choice in applications for superior appearance, durability, and resistance to wear and tear and product spills (chemicals). Urethane Concrete seamless floors are commonly specified in food processing facilities, breweries, wastewater treatment plants and commercial kitchens. Whereas, resinous flooring options are regularly found in hospitals, parking garages, retail stores, shopping centers and stadiums.

MMS Group have provided painting and maintenance of the platforms for Auckland Transport, Queensland Rail and Sydney Train Networks. We currently hold a 5 year contract with Sydney Trains involving the repainting of all stations and carpark stencils/markings annually.

Every 5 years MMS Group will grind and remove the Coping (white platform safety line), repair any damaged substrate and repaint. Every year in-between, we wash and prepare the Coping and repaint to ensure the safety of commuters and transport staff.

Works are generally undertaken under a “corridor closure” allowing us to have full access of the station to complete works in a short timeframe. We have the resources in removing the old Copings by large grinders which exposes the bare concrete with cracks and damaged substrates. We carry out all repairs to the platforms and spray three (3) coats of Dulux WB2 road marking paint meeting the specifications.

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