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Refurbishment of Heritage Beaufords House In Totara Park

Over the past 12 months, our Project Team has been busy undertaking various refurbishments and fit-outs of properties across Auckland.
One of our most recent ones includes the successful refurbishment of Beaufords House in Totara Park, a category A heritage property managed by Eke Panuku Development Auckland 🏛️
Beaufords House, a cherished venue for weddings, functions, and conferences, required extensive refurbishment to enhance its structural integrity, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Our team carried out comprehensive carpentry and plumbing works to restore and rejuvenate this historic 1930s homestead, ensuring it retains its charm and functionality.
We addressed timber decay, repaired weatherboards, and completed structural repairs with precision. Our team installed and realigned gutters and downpipes for efficient water management. Safety upgrades included new handrails, emergency door handles, and a 60-minute fire-rated door. We adhered to strict environmental guidelines, using brushes and water for external cleaning and building wash to protect the surrounding ecosystem.
Working on a heritage building while it hosted events required extensive planning and coordination. Our team maintained tidy work areas and ensured minimal disruption to ongoing functions, meeting all client expectations.
The project was managed by Manideep Medisetti as Project Manager, with Stephen Van Beekhuizen as the Project Lead, and Pumi Dematahettige as the Quantity Surveyor. Their dedication ensured we adhered to heritage standards and building codes, delivering a project that met and exceeded expectations.
We’re thrilled with the outcome and the opportunity to preserve this beautiful heritage property! ✨