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Favona Road Culvert Refurbishment

Favona Road Culvert Refurbishment

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MMS Group has completed the refurbishment of the Favona Road culvert in Favona, Auckland.

The scope of works included clearing silt from the culverts, grouting undermined areas, replacing rip-rap to as-built requirements, applying epoxy to hairline cracks and repairing damaged concrete. After the repairs were complete, we carried out water blasting and waterproofing of all surfaces and finally, installed gabion protection.

Initial tasks included working during hours of low tide to excavate silt by hand from the bottom of the culverts, removing loose material from underneath the footpath beam and filling in all undermined areas and hairline cracks with grout or epoxy. We also repaired damaged concrete and applied a rust protector to reinforcing steel.

In addition to repairs, we replaced existing riprap and installed new gabion baskets, which provide protection against erosion. Following all refurbishment works, MMS Group applied an elastometric coating including surface cleaning, surface preparation and primer coat to the whole structure.

Prior to carrying out the refurbishment we reviewed tidal movements to establish suitable working hours as well as obtaining the necessary permits to work after hours around the tide. Working in a tidal stream limited the works to a maximum of four hours per day at low tide and meant work had to be carried out with maximum efficiency.

All works were carried out on budget, meeting all client requirements and represents another success for our MMS Group New Zealand Team.

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