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TransLink Civil Works – Construction Project

TransLink Civil Works - Construction

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MMS Group has recently carried out a civil works project as part of our wider Bus Stop Infrastructure, Installation and Maintenance Contract with DTMR – TransLink.

Under the work order, we constructed a temporary bus layover on Wintergreen Drive, Parkwood. The construction project included implementing traffic management while MMS removed all existing road markings and carried out the demolition and removal of the existing concrete footpath slabs and traffic islands, including excavating and disposing of unsuitable material to make way for the new footpath. We installed a new 40m curved pedestrian footpath to allow room for the bus drivers to safely use their temporary drivers facility. We installed conduit, cabling and switchboard to an Energex Pillar and on completion we imported topsoil and laid new turf, painted new road markings and installed new regulatory, warning and hazard signage through the new bus layover.

The project also includes the reinstatement of the existing features on Wintergreen Drive once the temporary bus layover is no longer required following the commencement of Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2 in 2018.

We completed the works within the specified time frame, submitting regular progress reports to ensure the client was kept up to date.

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