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Middlemore Bridge Refurbishment

Middlemore Bridge Refurbishment

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MMS Group Pty Ltd has completed the refurbishment & painting of the bridge at Middlemore Railway Station for Downers as part of our Auckland Transport & KiwiRail Repairs & Maintenance contract.

All steel surfaces were high pressure waterblasted removing all dirt, grime, brake dust, loose paint and corrosion. The surfaces were then prepared by a combination of abrasive blasting and power & hand tools removing all corrosion, rust and flaking paint removed and primed. On completion of the preparation and primer, two coats of high gloss paint were applied.

With only a limited time frame of 3 hours for the use of abrasive blasting above the overhead electrical lines, we utilised our in-house resources to maximise our work efficiency.

We had a positive outcome with the project completed on time and within budget with a solid partnership with Downers.