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System Partners

MMS is a dynamic and innovative company who constantly looks for the most efficient and effective processes to deliver services and also exceed client expectations.  The systems we use are proven in our industry and add great value with online and real time audits, workforce training and contract scheduling.

Safety Culture

MMS Group Pty Ltd uses iAuditor to conduct all safety, quality and a workplace audits.

SafetyCulture is a safety company founded in Townsville in 2004. In 2011, CEO Luke Anear noticed the penetration of the smartphone in everyday life. From that point on we started testing and developing solutions for safety in the workplace, based around a smartphone app platform. The result is iAuditor, the most used safety audit app in the world.

Traditionally, safety software has been developed for the employer, and then it is a battle to get worker engagement. We have developed software that provides an excellent user experience for the worker first, and then provide the reporting and analytics around that experience. This is what has driven the widespread adoption of our software.

Our goal is for everyone to have access to the best mobile safety management systems. We’re working around the clock to help workers return safely to their families.

Induct Now

MMS Group Pty Ltd uses InductNow to conduct all inductions and training for staff and will implement across our sub-contractor base.  Safety is for Life and MMS ensures all staff have the skill, knowledge and capabilities to do their job at the highest level and come home safely to their families.

Mediasphere Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 120 008 924) is a web design, web platform, programming and digital content publishing company that develops integrated custom web solutions for the government, corporate and education sectors. In 2007, Mediasphere was awarded the Mincom Award as the most innovative ICT Company in Queensland. Our cloud based training portals are licensed globally through our network of partners. We are proud to manage the online training portals for government, organisations, institutions and corporations.

Mediasphere has developed its own award winning web management platforms and provides a total solution with e-commerce, e-marketing, custom programming, webs services, hosting and support services. It has also developed a library of interactive products for the education and corporate sector which is exported globally.


MMS has partnered with Gavin Hall a talented software developer to design create and implement LiveTrack a cutting edge scheduling tool which supports our contract management at all levels.

I.T. SoftServe was established in May 2001 and quickly became known as a high quality custom built program provider. Now in 2015 we have a team of programmers that create unique and engaging programs to suit all kinds of customer needs.

We realise that you have your job to do and you want your I.T. Company to do more than just the standard tasks. We ensure that we keep up to date with all possible technologies so we can give our clients the best possible results. Basically, we’re not happy unless our clients are happy.

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