MMS | Rail Protection
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Rail Protection

20 years working in rail has allowed MMS Group to gain comprehensive experience in the specialist processes and procedures required in order to work in an operating rail environment. Coming under its own legislative requirements – and incorporating the all critical safety requirements, work in a rail corridor requires a knowledge of unique specialists processes. These include:

• Knowledge and awareness of land and assets owners, their specific interests and their requirements (Government, local authorities, private owners, stakeholders and interested parties)

• Permit to enter / permit to work requirement

• Rules and regulations in order to work in an operating rail environment

• Protection of personnel and resources in a working environment

• Specialist training of personnel – including communications, authorisation and management hierarchies.

MMS Group has in place a team of specially trained rail protection officers able to carry out protection and observation duties internally as well as for external parties.

Our protection officers have extensive backgrounds in working in the rail environment. They understand all of the requirements, not only of their responsibilities, but also of all parties working within the confines of an operating railway.

Our protection officers receive exhaustive training supported by regular refreshers and internal as well as external field audits.

MMS Group rail protection officers are trained relevant to legislative, regional and operator as well as client specific rules and regulations.

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