MMS | Circular Quay Rail Restoration
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Circular Quay Rail Restoration

About This Project

Circular Quay Railway Station Restoration & Refurbishment

MMS Group successfully completed the Circular Quay Railway Station Restoration & Refurbishment project which comprised a wide range of cleaning and maintenance work utilising a number of specialist trades including electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, scaffolding and painting.

Work undertaken covered a variety of areas and different skills were required – comprising of pressure wash and cleaning all external & internal marble & tile facades removing dirt, grime and stains, repairing all marble, tile & concrete substrates and waterproofing to ensure watertightness and concrete repairs including preparation and epoxy repairing

We then prepared and repaint the complete commercial/public areas within the railway station, repaired all public lift and install new non-slip vinyl to the lift floor, cleaned all the bronze, brass and aluminium elements and polishing the lower 3 meters of marble substrates around the whole railway station.

To finish off we installed new lighting along the full length of both platforms 1 and 2, built & installed new stainless steel flues to the stacks for city extra on platform 1 and new stainless steel bird proofing to all ledges, installed new fire doors throughout the station, designed and installed new safety fencing and installed new safety stair nosing to concourse stairwells

MMS undertook all consenting and permitting processes, along with all required documentation to meet the Quality, Safety & Environmental standards & regulations and compliance with RailCorp and MMS procedures. All project work was managed by the executive management team


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