MMS | Life Savers
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Life Savers

The Health and Safety Life Savers are specific rules that are pivotal in upholding the integrity of MMS’s Management Systems, particularly Health & Safety. This set of non-negotiable rules categorised as “Life Savers” must be adhered to by all workers and contractors.

  • No person shall direct anyone to break a Life Savers rule. No person shall direct anyone to break a Life Savers rule.
  • Ensure you have a SWMS/JSEA for your ‘service task’ which you adhere to at all times.
  • Only undertake tasks & use equipment in the way designed and for which you are trained,  competent & authorised.
  • Only start work once your Risk Assessment (PRA) is complete & all controls are in place.
  • ‘STOP work and TAKE 5’ whenever conditions change or if something doesn’t seem right!
  • Report all identified non-conformance, incident & hazard (NCIH) to managers immediately.
  • ‘Always Ask’ when you are not sure. Asking the question is smart, not asking is dangerous!

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